Empowering Change was founded by Roxanne Sawatzky. We offer customized training and consultation for small, medium and large organizations across Canada and Internationally.

We provide a variety of training through various mediums, you can take our training face-to-face, at your own pace online, or live via webinar. We specialize in Motivational Interviewing, Organizational and Personal Development training.

What does the 21st Century Organizations Look Like?

A 21st Century organization is a learning organization. While organizations make great effort to meet the demands of the 21st century it isn’t a stress-free process. Leaders know that they need to prepare their staff to deliver innovative and quality services.

They also know that organizations can no longer remain static in their approaches; in order to remain effective and relevant organizations will need to be adaptable, learning organizations.

How to get there is the challenge!

Roxanne and her team consistently demonstrate a high level of skill and draw from their collective experience and education to support organizations of any size and culture meet the demands of the 21st century through innovative training methods.


Motivational Interviewing (MI) is defined as “A collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation and commitment to change”. Miller and Rollnick, 2012

MI is an empirically-supported treatment approach developed by Miller and Rollnick, which helps individuals resolve ambivalence toward change and allows them to draw on internal strengths and resources.

MI recognizes that individuals pressured to change often become resistant. In contrast, creating safe conditions and eliciting from those individuals the desire to change increases the likelihood individuals will explore and resolve their ambivalence to change.

MI helps us think differently about change, we learn that information alone is not synonymous with change and that no person is completely unmotivated. What we want to learn in our conversations about change is "what" is this person motivated for. It's not uncommon for a practitioner to try to install motivation when we do this we unknowingly slow down the change process.

Instead we set our sails to explore our client's motivation for change.

We also believe that ambivalence to change is normal, and therefore motivation and resistance are highly responsive to practitioner style. With this knowledge the practitioner embarks on their learning journey - one where they learn how to release the internal pressure to find the "right" solution for their client's.


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“The Facilitators brought an amazing degre of skills and respect to the MI training". They really modelled the vision of the organization". Louise Ablack.

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MI Training

We offer a variety of customized Motivational Interviewing to meet you where you're at.

Motivational Interviewing Training:

* Motivational Interviewing for Supervisors.
* Motivational Interviewing for front line staff.

To contact us or book a training event, fill out a brief form and we will send you a detailed information package on our programs within two business days. If you prefer to call, please contact: Roxanne Sawatzky at (250) 585-0662

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MI Sustainability

With over 200 randomized clinical trials demonstrating the efficacy of Motivational Interviewing, researchers have begun to focus on how this valuable style of working with clients can most effectively be disseminated to helping professionals.

• Findings to date suggest that providing one or two-day workshops in MI alone does not often result in long-term skill retention, (Walters, Matson, Baer, and Ziedonis, 2005)

• Though participants in MI workshops often report an increase in skill level following these trainings, there seems to be little correlation between practitioner self-report and actual proficiency (Miller and Mount, 2001).

What Kind of Training is Best?

You know your organization best and what will ultimately work for you, what we can offer you is some best practices guidelines for you to consider.

We have learned that taking a brief introduction to Motivational Interviewing doesn't make a practitioner proficient in MI nor does that mean the organization has implemented MI after just one training.

Like learning to play an instrument learning Motivational Interviewing takes time, practice and commitment. Please feel free to contact Roxanne to discuss options and our hope for your practice or organization.