Advanced Motivational Interviewing

This 2 or 3 day advanced workshop is designed for individuals who have taken:  Introduction to MI, intermediate MI training, and regularly use MI in their practice.  It is also encouraged that staff complete a minimum of 6 hours real-world coaching prior to taking this workshop.

The workshop begins with a review of the processes and principles of MI, and then looks at deepening understanding of ambivalence and how to work effectively with “stuck” clients.  The workshop focuses on how to build motivation through increasing change talk and enhancing a sense of collaboration. It teaches ways to avoid the self-reinforcing loop of “push-push back” which finds the advantage to “protecting the negative.”

In addition, this workshop examines how to both recognize, and respond and deepen change talk. Emphasis is placed on building MI competency in using the Four Processes of MI.  Finally, participants will be introduced to the MITI 4.2 coding instrument and code a minimum of two sessions.

In this course, participants will:

  • Review the Motivational Interviewing concepts of: Acceptance, Partnership, Compassion, and Evocation.
  • Practice demonstrating techniques for developing discrepancy.
  • Review the seven kinds of change talk in Motivational Interviewing.
  • Apply strategies for evoking and deepening change talk.
  • Deepen their understanding and ability to use all Four Processes skillfully.

Learning activities will include:

  • Videotape examples.
  • Small group exercises.
  • Participant practice with feedback.
  • Coding MI sessions.
  • Instructor demonstration.

For this workshop participants are asked to read the MITI 4.2 prior to the workshop (a copy of the MITI 4.2 will be emailed prior to the training) and bring a 20 minute tape of an MI session to use in this training.