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Our Focus

Empowering Change specializes in providing  Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Case Management Training. We also, offer MI coaching, executive coaching and organizational change consulting.  Our services are available online, across Canada and internationally.

A common Motivational interviewing package recommendation would be the following:

  • Introduction to MI: 2 or 3 days
  • Intermediate MI: 2 or 3 days
  • Phone Coaching: 6 hours
  • Advanced MI: 2 or 3 day options

Note:  All our training packages include customized case studies with specific workplace examples throughout all levels of training.

Empowering Change Services 

  • Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change Training. Training is offered: face to face or real time webinars or online training offered in both English and French.
  • Case Management training.
  • Ethics training for Career Practitioners.
  • Organizational Change support:  Prepare your workplace to be a 21st century organization.
  • Motivational Interview sessions with your clients.
  • Motivational Interviewing Coding using the MITI 4.2.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Consulting.
  • Keynotes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Tell me more about your: Motivational Interviewing Phone Coaching Series

MI Coaching groups will meet for two hour sessions the sessions are designed to enhance MI skills with further exercises and coaching. The coaching series is done by phone. All effort will be given to coordinate the schedule of participants. You will be asked to provide your preference of meeting weekly or bi-weekly a schedule will be created at the beginning of the coaching series.

Tell me more about: Creating Sustainability

Ongoing monthly support for 6-12 months following advanced training.  Staff who have demonstrated proficiency in MI would be will be trained to provide feedback to their peers and how to provide in house coaching sessions with frontline staff.

This key step in the process not only begins to build an infrastructure to support continued learning, it is also an excellent way to advance the learning of mentors or coaches. Learning to coordinate and lead coaching sessions and provide feedback in an MI adherent way provides continued practice for coaches with the focus on building MI skills within the agencies.

Coaches who are given support feel much more prepared to be much more to support staff skills when staff members have completed the basic 3-day training. Empowering Change will provide recommended criteria to select mentors or coaches.

Tell me more about how we can refer client’s to you? Motivational Interviewing Interventions

Empowering Change will provide assessments and use Motivational Interviewing with clients referred by organizations. A summary of the sessions will be provided to the referring agency; the client will be referred back to the agency once the client has moved into the preparation stage.

Tell me more about:  Leadership Training

The business world is a place of constant change. Organizational transitions effect people. Without a clear understanding of what transition does to employees and what employees in transition can in turn, do to an organization, the job of managing workplace change can be difficult; managed poorly, the result can be disastrous to the morale and stability of the staff. In this one day training look at how organizational transitions effect people. We will discuss strategies to bring staff through transition and minimize disruption caused by workplace change.

We will also look at the most effective Leadership models to help us to understand what makes leaders act the way they do. The ideal is not to lock yourself in to a type of model, but to realize that every situation calls for a different approach or behavior to be taken. We also focus on how to build capacity, how to self manage teams and identify any potential issues that could either hinder implementation effort.

Tell me more about:  Case Management Training

Build the skill capacity of your case worker and case management staff through this 1 or 2 day training. Case managers assume a critical role in human services, acting as a link between clients and services that best meet individual needs.

Advocacy is a key area of this practice and it is essential that case managers develop effective skills in accessing programs and services for marginalized persons using client-directed approaches.

Goals for participants: To recognize core case management concepts and procedures. This training is geared to case managers and staff who are not currently case managers, but perform case management functions or new to case management staff who have not had formal training. The training is also intended to assist front line staff in human service agencies to form collaborative relationships with clients.

Do you customized your training?  Custom training

Custom training packages can be accommodated to fit any organizations.

Optional online training done through a webinar format (this training is live with the trainer) is also available.

What Kind of Motivational Interview Training is Best?

Bill Miller and his colleagues at the University of New Mexico recently compared several Motivational Interviewing training workshop formats. According to their report in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, they found that:

  • Substance abuse treatment professionals who simply read a treatment manual and viewed training videos did not, on average, improve their MI proficiency.
  • Ultimately, reading about MI, and watching examples, is probably not enough.  As with any skill, the best way to learn is through guided practice.  Furthermore, follow-up training (focused on implementing MI in the real world) can help you maintain new skills, maximize the benefit of your training investment, and (perhaps most importantly) can make a difference in how your clients respond to your services.
  • Substance abuse treatment professionals who attended a 2-day introductory skill-building workshop achieved significant improvements in MI proficiency, assessed immediately following the workshop.
  • Graduates of the 2-day workshop who received ongoing feedback and/or coaching regarding their real-world use of MI maintained their MI skills better over time than those who did not receive any follow-up training.
  • The clients of those who received the full training package (workshop, feedback, and coaching) showed the most significant changes in how they responded in counselling sessions: an increase in “change talk” and a decrease in resistance.

We offer training across Canada and internationally. Please contact us to find out about booking a session in your community or organization.