Intermediate MI Training: Beyond The Basics

This intermediate workshop is highly experiential and designed for individuals who have taken the Introduction to MI workshop, and using MI in their practice. It is encouraged that staff complete a minimum of 6 hours real-world coaching prior to taking this workshop.

Based on the training length participants will:

Be guided through a sequence of learning activities to move from basic
understanding MI to basic MI competence in their areas of work.
• Review of MI video and audio examples
• Participate in small and large group exercises
• Receive instructor feedback
• Observe an instructor demonstration
• Learn focused engagement strategies
• Learn how to strategically set a change goal (focusing process)
• Deepen understanding difference between ambivalence and discord
• Further explore the balance between the technical and relational components of
• the evoking process

• Deepen their communication skills as they transition through the Four Processes
• of MI
• Learn how to use the Micro-Skills (Open Questions, Affirmations, Reflections, and Summaries) in all Four Processes

Enabling practitioners to:
• Demonstrate the key principles of a guiding, person-centered conversations that
are directional towards change
• Increase their ability to use the Micro-skills within the Four Processes
• Deepen their understanding and ability to demonstrate the Evoking Process
• Strengthen their ability to hear, elicit and strengthen change talk