We offer Motivational Interviewing:

  • Motivational Interviewing management training
  • Online training option for Motivational Interviewing (Introduction and Advanced MI training)

We offer two options for our online training: Option 1 is offered in a Learning Management System (LMS), this option allows for participants to take the training at their own pace (internet access is required to take this training). Option 2 is offered “live” via webinar format.

A common Motivational interviewing package includes:

  • Motivational Interviewing Management Training
  • Introduction to MI (2 or 3 day option)
  • Intermediate MI:  Beyond the Basics
  • Advanced MI
  • Phone Coaching (after Intro. or Intermediate MI training)

Note: All our training packages include customized case studies with specific workplace examples throughout all levels of training.

What kind of MI Training is Best?

Bill Miller and his colleagues at the University of New Mexico compared several Motivational Interviewing training workshop formats.

According to their report in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, they found that:

  • Substance abuse treatment professionals who simply read a treatment manual and viewed training videos did not, on average, improve their MI proficiency.
  • Substance abuse treatment professionals who attended a 2-day introductory skill-building workshop achieved significant improvements in MI proficiency, assessed immediately following the workshop.
  • Graduates of the 2-day workshop who received ongoing feedback and/or coaching regarding their real-world use of MI maintained their MI skills better over time than those who did not receive any follow-up training.
  • The clients of those who received the full training package (workshop, feedback, and coaching) showed the most significant changes in how they responded in counselling sessions: an increase in “change talk” and a decrease in resistance.


With over 200 randomized clinical trials demonstrating the efficacy of Motivational Interviewing, researchers have begun to focus on how this valuable style of working with clients can most effectively be disseminated to helping professionals.

  • Findings to date suggest that providing one or two-day workshops in MI alone does not often result in long-term skill retention, (Walters, Matson, Baer, and Ziedonis, 2005)
  • Though participants in MI workshops often report an increase in skill level following these trainings, there seems to be little correlation between practitioner self-report and actual proficiency (Miller and Mount, 2001).

We focus on supporting MI sustainability through cost effective development of in house coaches.

Contact Roxanne to discuss implementation/sustainability options that fit best for your organization.