Intermediate Motivational Interviewing Training

This 12-hour intermediate workshop is highly experiential and designed for individuals who have taken the Introduction to MI workshop, and using MI in their practice. It is encouraged that participants complete a minimum of 6 hours real-world coaching prior to taking this workshop.

Training Objectives
Participants will:
Be guided through a sequence of learning activities to move from basic
understanding MI to basic MI competence in their areas of work.
• Review of MI video and audio examples
• Participate in small and large group exercises
• Receive instructor feedback
• Observe an instructor demonstration
• Learn focused engagement strategies
• Learn how to strategically set a change goal (focusing process)
• Deepen understanding difference between ambivalence and discord
• Further explore the balance between the technical and relational components of the evoking process

• Deepen their communication skills as they transition through the Four Processes of MI
• Learn how to use the Micro-Skills (Open Questions, Affirmations, Reflections,
• and Summaries) in all Four Processes

Enabling practitioners to:
• Demonstrate the key principles of a guiding, person-centered conversations that
are directional towards change
• Increase their ability to use the Micro-skills within the Four Processes
• Deepen their understanding and ability to demonstrate the Evoking Process
• Strengthen their ability to hear, elicit and strengthen change talk

Cost: $250
Date: June 15 & 17 9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00 (both days) Central Time

Trainers for this course: Roxanne Sawatzky and/or Trudy-Lyn Wittig

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