Supervisor Online Training

This training is designed for leadership who are interested in learning how to implement Motivational Interviewing into their organization. There are 3 modules included in this online training, with an addition of one short bonus module. Each module takes roughly one hour to complete; the final (bonus module) is 15 minutes in length.

Participants will have access to this online training for 3 weeks. With one link or access per participant, it is encouraged that all leadership take this training should an organization decide they want to proceed with implementation and sustainability of Motivational Interviewing within the organization.

*Should an organization desire consultation with regards to implementation design and sustainability of Motivational Interviewing our organization is able to provide support in this area.

Training Objectives, in this training:

1. Participants we learn to define and use the Open Systems Model of organizations to locate Motivational Interviewing in the organizational environment.

2. Participants will be able to define Fixsen’s Six Stages of implementation and apply them to the implementation of Motivational Interviewing.

3. Participants will explore opportunities to model the use of Motivational Interviewing in supervisor to staff interactions.

4. Participants will practice techniques for demonstrating Motivational Interviewing skills to help staff resolve ambivalence about full commitment to gain Motivational Interviewing proficiency.