“A BIG thank you to Roxanne, because there are trainers and then there are “TRAINERS”! …..You know …the kind who command attention and have perfect balance and create not only a learning environment, but a “fun” learning environment. Well that describes Roxanne! At the end of the day, I found myself thinking; the day is over already!”

– Betty Budd

“I like that there was a balance of cognitive learning and practical application of that learning through role-plays and activities. It was a revelation to me that change is most effective when it is internally motivated… I learned totally the opposite in seminary. The training has profoundly impacted my approach to evangelism and counselling.”

-Roger Stoesz

I felt that this course exceeded my expectations and although I had heard of Motivational Interviewing very briefly in my SSW program, I did not have a good comprehension of what it was and how to use it and this definitely gave me the tools needed to start mastering the art. In my particular case, I don’t feel there is anything that could have been improved. I appreciated the 2 week extension.

-Carole Young

“The effect of using MI in practise sessions proved its usefulness and the power to walk forward with a client. Allow a person to first truly experience where they are. Giving them permission to be there and joining them in it…but always with a view to change.”

-Cathie Van Benthem

“The facilitators brought an amazing degree of skills and respect to the MI training. They really modelled the vision of the organization in the way they facilitated. I felt more equipped to empower change with myself and others.”

– Louise Ablack

“Thank you for two amazing days that have not only changed my life but the lives of my clients. You are an inspiration.”

– Roxanne Hammond

Sioux, Ontario

“Challenged me to get out of my comfort zone!”

– Anonymous

Sioux, Ontario

“Hi Roxanne, thanks again for an amazing workshop and introducing to me the skills on how to do MI. Today I was able to use the technique “lets put that on the shelf” to get my client away from his negative thinking and refocus back to our discussion about the future. It really worked and I’m excited to keep building my skills and see the changes I can make with my clients!”

– Lisa

“Thank you so much for the wonderful MI workshop. I found the affirmations work like magic. I affirmed one of my clients last week and she cried- She told me, “That is the first time someone has said something nice about me… I am actually a good person“. Going forward, I do not attempt to solve issues for clients even before they come to sessions- we do it together; I guide them and they take the lead in exploring alternative options. I will continue familiarizing myself with the MI techniques and look forward to our next coaching session.”

– Vincent

“Thank you so much Roxanne for the fabulous two day workshop training for MI Training, Level II. Learning to code sessions felt comparable to learning a new language, except quicker! Your knowledge and passion for the Motivational Interviewing model is so evident, that the knowledge and passion is easily transferred to others. I know that I have seen results in my work already; but with the new tools in my toolkit, I not only will be able to say that; I will be able to prove that. We are so lucky to have had this training opportunity on Vancouver Island, thank you again.”

– Phyllis Moretto

“Without a doubt Roxanne delivered one of the best training sessions that I’ve been to. Her energetic and passionate delivery had everybody buzzing for weeks.”

– James Cybulski

Content Manager & Marketing Coordinator, Zip.ca

“I manage both the Health and Social Development (Social Assistance) programs. We have clients who cannot commit to moving forward at this time. This training has unlocked the chain of ambivalence for us, and taught us how to assist the client to move from sustaining the status quo, to moving into action to create independence. Using the training to implement a respectful and honest dialogue with anyone, is a very valuable tool. I am very grateful to have this. I operated my own company delivering similar services to the ones I do now, and wish I had this training while doing that.”

-Judy D. Rumney R. SW

Manager, Social & Health Programs - Tseshaht First Nation

“I had the pleasure of doing a 2 day Empowering Change workshop where my colleagues and I learned and practiced Motivational Interviewing techniques in a hands-on and interactive setting. I found Roxanne, of Empowering Change to be an energetic and knowledgeable teacher whose enthusiasm motivates her students and clients far beyond the classroom and counseling sessions. Her techniques work so well, I started using them in other areas of my life too!”

– Sean Brown

Employment Services Advisor, GT Hiring Solutions

“I loved this training! I will be taking this to my manager in hopes that our organization can start implementing MI techniques.”

– Angie Dickson


“The Motivational Interviewing workshop with Roxanne was fantastic. I have started using the skills in my workplace and I am already seeing a better response from my Clients. I am also using it in my personal life, as I have a brother with a disability, and I have had a very positive response in conversations with him. He even said I’d make a great counsellor! Thank you Roxanne, for sharing your knowledge & enthusiasm! It really does make a difference!”

– Jo-Anne W

“I will not try to push my beliefs on anyone, I plan to listen to people more and reflect what they share.”

– Anonymous

“On behalf of my clients, my co-workers & myself, thank you so much for introducing the City of Ottawa to MI! Your 3-day session was truly inspirational and gave me a “new pair of glasses” to wear when working with my clients. The best thing about MI is that it really is very common sense – to elicit change, it has to come from within – nobody can tell you that you need to change – you have to want the change! I love it! Particularly useful were the scaling questions, the URICA, the “put it in the shelf” technique, the “righting reflex”, and the overall minimizing of the pressure on the us as employment counsellors (it feels great to not have to be the “expert”!). You are a dynamic, engaging, intelligent, and articulate speaker & trainer. Wishing you all the best with your ongoing research & hoping the City gets on board with the advanced training for those interested!”

– Amy D

“Roxanne, thank you so much for your inspirational training. I just finished it today and the more I think about it, the more it sinks in and the more I realize how powerful it really is! I’ve started using it with my clients and I’ve seen positive responses from them already. I’ve also been noticing a stronger connection with my clients which helps open the lines of communication. I had a particularly memorable session with a client who wanted to be in one of our employment programs but was very resistant/anxious about working and she started moving away from that deep seated resistance (with some tears) within the hour and I could see a twinkle of excitement at the prospect of working. You are truly an engaging speaker and facilitator Roxanne and I will always remember the lessons you offered and use them to help others help themselves.”

– Maggie

“Roxanne…..you rock!!!
Thanks again for the very motivating workshop that you delivered last week! I’m happy to report that I am in the “Action” stage. 🙂 I’ve found myself to be constantly putting myself in “check” when thinking about how I’m going to respond to the individuals that we are serving. I’ve also been using this in my personal life. It actually works, especially with my kids….yeh!! You have a wonderful spirit about you and I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from you and meet you! (How’s that for an affirmation?) :)”

– Kathy

“Roxanne, thank you for all the time you have invested in making us MI experts! I am so happy with the results I am seeing through my clients. These techniques really work and I am grateful to have MI as a tool. The sessions with my clients are allowing me to truly see where there motivation lies, therefore I am able to help to set up activites that are so beneficial to them! Thank you again, I look forward to continuing to hone my skills!”

– Amanda


I just finished the second part of MI and just have to say that “You are great, so great”! I know that would not get me a MiA, you would give me a MiNA hahaha.

So far I have helped over ten resistant clients. However, only two were employment. This tool is very powerful. And yes I got to the jugular and made over half cry. I am proud of that 🙂 .

I just wanted to say that anyone who can have you as a trainer would benefit. You have a passion and enthusiasm that shows and shines through when you talk, even your body language is uplifting. That passion, after the first half a day in training one, made me decide to do my Masters in Counselling. You lit a passion in me that has been dormant for so long. Like I have “seen the light at the end of a tunnel”. How’s that one for a complex reflection hahahaha.

I hope I can live up to your expectations. You are to me like Bill is to you!!! Thank you for everything!!!”

– Elisha

“This lady was a gracious, articulate and intelligent conversationalist, an ideal individual to have the good fortune to be seated next to, when your plane is stuck on the runway, delayed at whitehorse airport, at minus 38. Best wishes to you and your family this christmas Roxanne from a fellow traveller of the Yukon.”

– Mitch

“On one hand I thought I didn’t have anything to gain from this training, and yet I’m a fixer! :)It has been years since I have walked away from a training opportunity feeling so enriched and inspired. I just want to SHARE all that I have gained and want to know so much more!!!

So grateful to my employer for providing me with this awesome training and to Roxanne for the renewed energy and desire to gain more and more… been waiting for this for a long time!”

– Nicole Caron

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